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Bull Baseball Club was formed in 2019 with the primary objective of promoting the growth of youth baseball at all ages and at all levels of competition across South Mississippi.  Bull Baseball Club will teach the integrity of the game of baseball.  However, in addition, Bull Baseball Club’s priority is the development of personal characteristics such as sportsmanship, teamwork, honesty, courage, respect, and physical fitness.  The focus of Bull Baseball Club is youth baseball players who are wanting to play the game at the higher competitive levels.

The Bull Baseball Club administers all baseball activities through the Founder and Owner, Chancy Rogers.    The club also offers a premier staff of instructors and coaches that consists of current and past professional, collegiate, and high school players and coaches.  All youth age group teams are organized and managed by Coach Chancy Rogers.

All Bull Baseball Club teams and programs are “competition” driven.  Each player is evaluated individually prior to team selection placement to ensure that each player is surrounded by players of equal skill levels.  Bull Baseball Club teams will be developing and training to compete at the highest level within their team’s appropriate class, and each team will be progressing in classes throughout the baseball season to ensure the proper skills progression is being made for each player.  Bull Baseball Club will always work to find a place for a child that wants to play baseball on a team with other players of the appropriate skill levels.

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